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SeattleTechWiki is a resource, not a discussion list, a news site, a jobs site, or a calendar.

  • Discussions: If you want to discuss a topic, we recommend the excellent Seattle Tech Startups list. Most of the members of the list are people at computer-related startups or interested in them, but many discussions are applicable to other companies and/or technologies.
  • News: If you have news you want people to know about, contact one of the local news sources rather than creating a page on the wiki. If the information you are thinking of posting is of transient value, as in a current news story, it belongs on a news site. If the information has permanent value, then it is appropriate for SeattleTechWiki. It is always appropriate to link to an article about your company, or a product page or press release on your own web site.
  • Jobs: Like news, job postings are transient information and there are plenty of good jobs sites, including some excellent ones built by Seattle companies. A link to the permanent jobs page or section on your web site is always appropriate.
  • Calendar: If you have an event to promote, SeattleTechCalendar is the shared, community-owned calendar for the community, with more than thirty community partners. Additional appropriate partners are welcome (contact Non-partners can submit events by sending a meeting invitation to For organizations with regular events such as monthly meetings, it is also appropriate to list your recurring events on your page on SeattleTechWiki. Do not list individual events.