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User pages are owned by the user. Nobody but the owner of a user page should edit it, even to make corrections. If you want to communicate with a user on the wiki, put a comment on their Talk (discussion) page.

Your User Page

You can (and should) promote yourself on your user page. You can put as much information as you want on it, including information that might not normally be appropriate for SeattleTechWiki (for example, your hobbies, favorite books, etc.). Some people put links to favorite or watched pages on their user page. Remember that this is a serious, professional site. Obscenities, pornography, and other items that would not be appropriate in the workplace are not appropriate here, even on a user page.

To help people visiting your user page, it is recommended that you not duplicate your entire resume, everything in your LinkedIn profile, etc., on your user page. Instead, link to those locations and use the user page to provide information that is not in those locations. Consider providing a short biography or summary of your work history on your user page.

You may update your user page as frequently or as infrequently as you want.

Your named page

There may also be a named page about you. Although you may create or edit this page, note that you are not the exclusive editor. It is always appropriate to link these two pages together. While there is no rule about having promotional information on your named page, it is more appropriate on your user page.

There may also be named pages about people who never contribute to or visit the wiki (e.g., Bill Gates).