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Editors on SeattleTechWiki are required to use their real names. This means:

  • Your login name must be your name, derived from your name, or a public handle (preferably a well-known one).
  • You must provide your email address when you sign up and confirm it in order to edit. This email address is not given out by the wiki.
  • You must provide your real name in the box provided when you sign up.
  • If your name is a public handle which is not well-known, you should list your real name on your User page.
  • Company names are not prohibited, but personal names are preferred.

Anonymous editing is not allowed. If you do not wish to use your real name, do not edit the wiki. Edits by anonymous users, even valid edits, are likely to be deleted.

Note that Opinions are welcome on SeattleTechWiki, but must be noted and attributed.