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External Links are an important part of SeattleTechWiki. This is a marked contrast to many public wikis, notably Wikipedia. As a community resource, external links to companies, people, service providers, etc., play an important role. These guidelines are intended to ensure that external links are useful to users and remain valuable.

  • Links need to be appropriate.
  • A link is appropriate to the page if it is relevant to the contents of the page.
  • A link is appropriate to the site if it is relevant to a page on the site.
  • Links usually need explanation.
  • A link to the topic of a page or section (e.g., a company described in a page) does not need to be explained.
  • Almost all other links need explanation or introduction.
  • Links in a list of similar links do not need individual explanations or introductions.
  • Affiliate links are not allowed
  • Link text (like this: SeattleTechWiki) is preferable to just numbers (like this: SeattleTechWiki [1]). Here is the way to create such a link:
[http://www.seattletechwiki SeattleTechWiki]