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As its name implies, SeattleTechWiki is a resource for the Seattle-area high-tech community.


SeattleTechWiki is for people and companies in the Seattle area. It is not a national site. National companies or organizations which have Seattle-area connections are appropriate, but extensive content about non-local information is generally not appropriate.


SeattleTechWiki is for the high-tech community. It is not a site for all things Seattle. Information about people, companies and organizations which are related to the tech community are welcome even if they are not exclusively in the tech community.

Seattle's predominant high-tech sectors include Aerospace, Biotechnology, Gaming, Microfluidics, Nanotechnology, Robotics, Software, Telecommunications, and Transportation.


SeattleTechWiki is a wiki -- a community-owned and edited site. All community members are welcome to contribute.