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SeattleTechWiki Copyright

The collected content on SeattleTechWiki is copyrighted and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States license. Subject to this license, you may freely reuse the content elsewhere. You may not use any material you get from SeattleTechWiki for unattributed, commercial, and/or unshared uses without the express permission of all original authors of the material.

SeattleTechWiki reserves the right to allow sites, including possibly commercial sites, to reuse content by embedding a branded widget provided by SeattleTechWiki. If such a widget is ever provided and permitted to be used by commercial sites, no restrictions will be placed on which commercial sites may use the widget. Licensees may not create widgets of their own, except to provide usage permitted under the Creative Commons license. No such widget is currently provided, nor are there any current plans to provide such a widget.

Your Contributions

You own the original copyright to anything that you add to this Wiki. By adding to the Wiki, you are granting SeattleTechWiki (including any branded widget provided by SeattleTechWiki, wherever hosted), plus any licensees of SeattleTechWiki, a license to use your content under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license. Your grant of this license does not take away any of your rights to your original content. You may still use any material you contributed for unattributed, commercial, and/or unshared uses.

If your copyrighted material has been modified after it was contributed to the site, you may not use such a modified version without the permission of the person who modified it, who owns the copyright to those changes. This requirement does not apply to obvious changes, such as fixing typos, and spelling and grammatical corrections.

Content from Wikipedia

Some information on SeattleTechWiki will be similar to information on Wikipedia and other WikiMedia properties. However, the WikiMedia properties use a more permissive license agreement than SeattleTechWiki does (their license permits commercial use, while the SeattleTechWiki license does not). The decision to use a different license was deliberate, to prevent people from trying to profit from our community's efforts to help ourselves.

The different license means that, in general, you cannot take information from Wikipedia and copy it to SeattleTechWiki, nor can you take information from SeattleTechWiki and contribute it to Wikipedia. Despite these restrictions, there is plenty you can do:

  • You can take any fact from either wiki and contribute it to the other. Facts are not copyrightable. Links are a type of fact. Collections of facts are still facts (but see below).
  • You can take any information added to either wiki under fair use and contribute it to the other wiki. For example, a quotation or a fair-use image may be copied.
  • You can take any information that is in the public domain from either wiki and contribute it to the other wiki. For example, non-confidential images created by the US Government are public domain.

You may not take any text written for either wiki or contributed to either wiki by a copyright owner or owners, unless you receive permission from all of the people who have contributed to that text. If the text is something you contributed to the wiki, you may contribute it to the other wiki only if you receive permission from all people who changed it (excepting the correction of typos, spelling errors, and minor grammatical corrections). Or, you may contribute your original text without any changes made by others. In the case of a collection of facts, you may take the facts, but any accompanying text or non-trivial formatting cannot be taken without permission.

You are free to take any text on either wiki and write another version of it which covers the same information. The underlying information is not covered by the copyright.

You may always contribute the same text to multiple wikis.