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The goal of SeattleTechWiki is to encourage and foster community in the Seattle-area high-tech community through the collection of appropriate and useful information. Unlike many public wikis, SeattleTechWiki encourages external links, opinions and advice.

Adding content

You should always edit with the goal of improving SeattleTechWiki and, in general, increasing the amount of information available. Information is considered appropriate if a reasonable person might expect it be relevant to the Seattle-area high-tech community. This does not mean that either all or a majority of reasonable people must expect the information to be relevant, or that any of those people might desire it to be on the wiki. There is no "notability" test.

Adding pages

Sometimes there is no page that should contain the content you want to add. To make sure, search for some words you would expect to appear in the page, or look at the lists of Guides, Overviews, Resources, Organizations, Companies and other categories and pages linked from the Home page.

If the page does not exist, create it with the appropriate name. Then, to allow people to find it, add it to the appropriate category or categories, and think about linking to it from an appropriate page. You link to the page by putting its name in brackets, like this:

[[Name of Page]]

Not adding content

SeattleTechWiki does not need to duplicate information that is readily available elsewhere. For example, there is no need to have significant information about the programming language Ruby, because there are many sites with information about Ruby available. Instead, provide a link to those sites and consider contributing any information which is not specific to the Seattle area to them. In contrast, a list of local web hosting companies that provide Ruby web hosting is perfectly appropriate on SeattleTechWiki, because of it's local nature, even if some or all this information is available elsewhere.

Removing content

In general, you should not remove content that others have added to SeattleTechWiki. If a reasonable person might think the information is appropriate, whether or not you do, then you should not remove it. If it is not in the right place, find a better place for it and move it there. Make sure to provide an edit summary that explains the move and, if the move requires justification, explain it on the Talk page of either the source or the destination, or both.

It is OK to remove content under the following circumstances:

  • Obvious spam.
  • Wholly inappropriate content (e.g., recipes, news about celebrities, pornography).
  • Blatantly false information (if you are unsure, flag it rather than remove it).
  • Text which violates a copyright (such as text taken from Wikipedia) can and should be removed with an appropriate edit summary.
  • Text which violates a law through its appearance.
  • Text which violates somebody's privacy without benefit to the community.