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SeattleTechWiki is the shared, community-owned wiki for the Seattle-area high-tech community.


SeattleTechWiki was created with the mission of fostering community and entrepreneurship in the high-tech community. Similar to its companion site, SeattleTechCalendar, SeattleTechWiki has a goal of being the definitive resource for individuals looking for information they need in their high-tech enterprise or career as well as to be the place where people go to when they wish to share such information.

Contributions you make to this wiki are contributions to the community.The rules for contributing to this wiki are similar to the rules in use on other similar wikis, with a few important exceptions detailed on the top of the home page. One is worth calling out: external links are encouraged where appropriate. Links to external resources, information sources, blogs, news articles, companies, and service providers are all appropriate (and desired!), provided they are in the right place.

SeattleTechWiki was created by Roy Leban.

Not for profit

SeattleTechWiki, like SeattleTechCalendar, is not a for-profit enterprise. The site exists solely as a public service to the community. The site does not make money, does not run ads, does not have sponsors, and does not do anything else that would generate revenue.

Currently, all costs are paid by Roy Leban. There are no sponsors or donors. If costs of running the site increase significantly, Roy has reserved the right to get donations up to, but not exceeding, the cost of maintaining the site.

Note: SeattleTechWiki is not a registered non-profit organization (this would increase the cost of running the site by several orders of magnitude).