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Disclaimer: This page may contain reviews and opinions about people and companies. Such reviews are the opinions of the people who contribute them and must be in accordance with the Opinons policy.

This is a list of PR (public relations) companies that focus on Seattle-area startup companies. It is not exhaustive, nor is it necessarily current. So, please make contributions/edits.

  "He's sharp, he's a bulldog, and he's got great connections." (Paul Travis)
  • Merritt Group (Adam Ely recommended)
  • Rob Nachbar with Kismet (Anthony Stevens recommended), web site
  • Jennifer Karkar Ritchie at Revolution PR (Scott Blankensteen recommended)
  • Schwartz (Adam Ely recommended)
  • Shift (Adam Ely recommended)
  • Jaimee Minney Steele at Novel PR (Scott Blankensteen recommended)