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This page has been started, but still needs significant work. Please feel free to add to it.

Developer Outsourcing

The general consensus is to have some SDLC rules in place that the out-sourced dev/team will follow. Using well defined milestones and nibbles of work can prevent uncomfortable situations. It's generally recommended to use some type of escrow service regardless of which team/tools/sites are used.

Development Outsourcing Resources

The information in this section is based on messages from STS-list; it should be considered more opinion than fact.

  • is a local tech stars company that has a great approach.
  • (formerly rent-a-coder) is one that has been around a long time and is not as well known, though it has some of the best internal process for SDLC milestone specification and payments.
  • eLance - is free to post a project
  • oDesk
  • Remote Staff is an Australian outsourcing company providing free recruitment.

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